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Water Leak Repair Services in Thomasville, GA

We offer leak detection and repair services, which is a huge part of plumbing in Thomasville, GA. My team knows how hard it is to deal with undetected water leaks in your home or business. They come out of no where and can cause thousands of dollars in damage if left untreated. Thats where we come in! Here at the Thomasville Plumbing Pros, we offer dedicated and effective solutions to help protect your property from unexpected leak damages. Our equipment can certainly diagnose any leak you might have and address all of your repair needs. Give us holler today for all your plumbing needs!


When water leaks go undetected, they can lead to major problems for your health and wallet. People often overlook the risks that come with water leaks. If not treated, long-term water damage can cause severe structural damage to your home, facilitate harmful mold and mildew growth, and also lead to higher water bills each month. When you can detect water leaks early, they can surely can help strengtehn and maintain the structural integrity of your residence or business, as well as create a healthier living environment. As experienced plumbers in Thomasville GA, we strongly recommend looking into any leaks you might have and taking quick action to get an expert like us to treat them!

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Advanced leak detection tech

At the center of what we do and the services we offer is our state of the art leak detection equipment. My team has been trained and certified to use acostic sensors, thermal imaging cameras, and mosture detectors to quickly and effectively locate any leaks you might have. Our equipemt is non-invasive, so your do not have to worry about use tearing your wall down or making huge holes. 

Our Acoustic sensors allow us to detect the sound of water that might be leaking from pipes, through concrete slabs or walls. Our thermal imaging cameras are pretty slick! They help my team identify temperature differences in any floor or wall. This usually tells us there might be a leak and gives us all the proof we need to take action. When it comes to our moisure detection technology, they help measure the moisture in materials to help us confirm the precise location of any leak we think is there. The accuracy in these tools allows us to make much needed fixes and saves us an immense amount of time, allowing us to fix the problem sooner so there is no delay. 

Signs you might have a leak


As you might know now, leaks are a huge problem, and detecting them early on can save your property from expensive repairs. Identifying leaks early on is a must. Below are 6 key indicators that you might have a leak problem:

  1. Unexplained spikes in your water bills
  2. Damp spots on your floors, walls, or ceiling
  3. An audible sound of running water when your taps are completely off
  4. Musty odor in a specific area of your home. This indicates mold growth
  5. New cracks in your walls or even foundation
  6. Moisture patches in your yard. This might indicate an underground leak. 
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