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Water Heater Installation in Thomasville, GA

At the Thomasville Plumbing Pros, we understand the importance of having a reliable water heater in your home or business. Our highly skilled team of plumbing experts specializes in water heater maintenance, repair, and installation for all kinds of water heaters. Whether you have an urgent issue or are planning to upgrade your current system in the future, we are always here to provide you with quality water heater solutions.  


At some point while taking a shower, I’m sure you have noticed that the water gets ice cold over time. You might need to get a tankless water heater, also known as “on-demand water heaters.” You might be surprised at how much better it is than a standard tank.  With this type of product, they only heat the water when the knob on your shower is turned to the on position. They can also save about 34 to 49% less energy than standard tank water heaters! When it comes to going tankless, you don’t have to battle with your family over who might have used up all the hot water. This product offers endless hot water for you and your family all the time and can save you more money over time. When selecting a standard water heater tank, there still might be some up sides. Normal tank heaters are definitely cheaper than tankless heaters and are the industry standard. Our tankless models might cost more upfront, but they can save you thousands per year in the long run. We are the best plumber Thomasville GA has to offer and can certainly take care of your water heater needs! Call us for a free quote on your heater today!

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Electric water heaters are the most commonly used product in the field today, are in most American homes due to their cost effectiveness, unlike their counterpart, the tankless heater. Electric heaters often are known for being a safer choice, easier to install, and are known for reliability. These products come in all sorts of sizes depending on your needs. All though these are not as efficient as tankless, their cheaper price tag can not be ignored. My team has 10+ years of experience installing these and certainly help your business or family. 

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With the Thomasville Plumbing Pros, we are your one stop shop and source for expert advice and solutions for all of your plumbing needs. We get how significant a reliable water heater is in your home or even your place of business. Our team has over 10+ years of experience serving all of Thomas County in Georgia. From installation to repair, we are committed to seeing the job done all the way through. Plumbing technology is advancing faster than one might think, and my team has been able to stay up-to-date on the latest plumbing trends and advancements in technology so that our quality service never falls behind. 

Water heater services

Installation services: My team can install any kind of water heater you need. We just need to assess the space where you need it and will work with you to get it done. Get a free estimate to see how we can serve you today!

Maintenance: Routine maintenance is essential for any heater’s long-term life expectancy. Our services include safety checks and cleaning inspections to ensure proper performance.

Repair: My team is prepared to handle any sort of water heater repair you need, from minor malfunctions to major hiccups. Call us today for more info!

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